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Penrith Castle in the Eden Valley

Penrith Castle, Penrith, Cumbria and the Lake District. Places to visit in Cumbria and the Lake District.
Penrith Castle.

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to Penrith Castle. Penrith Castle was built from 1398 onwards, after John de Dreux had given William de Strickland a perpetual lease with provision to build a small fort.

The original building was extended and the whole given a licence to crenelate.

The castle was further upgraded in the early Cl5 before being given to Richard Duke of Gloucester, later to become King Richard III.

The Duke made further improvements, but by 1572 Penrith Castle was partly ruinous, much stone having been taken away for use in other buildings in the town.

Places to visit in Penrith and the Eden Valley.

In the 1640s during the Civil War the castle was headquarters for General Lambert, but not for long. Most of the action in the area took place around Eamont Bridge a mile to the south.

Scots raids never gave Penrith much trouble, surprising given the towns strategic position and wealth.

Penrith Castle is now not much more than three walls though they are high and it has an impressive motte and is well situated at the top of the town.

Map of the Castles of Cumbria and the Lake District.