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Moor Divock Stone Circles Cumbria

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to the stone circles of Cumbria.

The Cockpit Stone Circle, Moor Divock, Cumbria.
Cockpit Stone Circle

Moor Divock
Nearest Town: Penrith.
Location: NY 482222 (Cockpit), Sheet 90.

Cockpit Stone Circle occupies a lonely spot on boggy ground over looking Ullswater, close by is the Roman Road of High Street leading to the Roman Fort of Brocavum at Brougham Castle outside Penrith.

Moor Divock consists of three remaining circles in various states of disrepair, several cairns and possibly an opened burial chamber (this may in fact have been reconstructed for grouse shooters as a shooting butt).

Cockpit is the largest at approximately 34m wide.
The two smaller circles are known as Moor Divock 4 (approx' 7m diameter) and 5 (only a few stones remain together though several are scattered about, but it is difficult to gain a true impression of the circles true size and appearance).

The Moor Divock area is full of traces of Bronze Age habitation.

The Copstone (or Kopstone), Moor Divock, the Lake District.
The Copstone

The Copstone and the Moor Divock circles are on the northern side of the footpath leading from the lane (where you can park your car) to the villages of Helton and Askham. Use your Ordnance Survey map Sheet 90.

Moor Divock 4 stone circle, Ullswater, the Lake District.
Moor Divock 4



A map of stone circles in the Lake District and Cumbria.