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Hadrian's Wall, the Roman Wall, the history of the Romans in Cumbria and the Lake District.The history of the Romans in Cumbria and the Lake District.Hadrian's Wall, the Roman Wall, the history of the Romans in Cumbria and the Lake District.The history of the Romans in Cumbria and the Lake District.


The Romans in Cumbria

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to the Roman forts in Cumbria, the Lake District and along the Roman Wall.

A list of Forts in Cumbria and along the Roman Wall

Fort Name Roman Name Defence or road system Nearest Town Map Ref
Ambleside Galeva Lake District Ambleside 373044
Beckfoot Bibra West Coast Silloth 091491
Benwell Condercum Hadrian's Wall Newcastle 216648
Bewcastle Banna Hadrian's Wall Brampton 565747
Birdoswald Camboglanna Hadrian's Wall Gilsland 616663
Bowness-on-Solway Maia Hadrian's Wall Carlisle 223627
Brougham Brocavum Trans-Pennine Penrith 538288
Brough Verterae Trans-Pennine Brough 790141
Burgh-by-Sands Abavalla Hadrian's Wall Carlisle 329591
Burrow Walls Not known West Coast Workington 003052
Burrow-in-Lonsdale Calacum Trans-Pennine Lancaster 615757
Carlisle Luguvalium Stanegate Carlisle 400559
Carrawburgh Brocolitia Hadrian's Wall Haydon Bridge 859712
Carvoran Magna Hadrian's Wall/Trans-Pennine Haltwhistle 666656
Castlesteads Uxellodunum Stanegate Brampton 515636
Chesterholm Vindolanda Stanegate Haltwhistle 770663
Corbridge Corstopitum Stanegate Corbridge 983648
Drumburgh Congavata Hadrian's Wall Carlisle 265599
Greatchester Aesica Hadrian's Wall Haltwhistle 704668
Halton Onnum Hadrian's Wall Corbridge 998685
Hardknott Pass Mediobogdum Lake District Ambleside 219015
Housesteads Vercovicium Hadrian's Wall Haydon Bridge 790688
Kirkby Thore Bravoniacum Trans-Pennine Appleby 640257
Low Borrow Bridge Not known Trans-Pennine Tebay 610013
Maryport Alauna West Coast Maryport 038374
Moresby Gabosentum West Coast Whitehaven 983210
Nether Denton Not known Stanegaste Brampton 596646
Netherby Castra Exploratorum Hadrian's Wall Longtown 396716
Newcastle Pons Aelius Hadrian's Wall Newcastle 251641
Old Carlisle Maglona North Cumberland Plain Wigton 260464
Old Church Not known Stanegate Brampton 510615
Old Penrith Voreda Trans-Pennine Penrith 493385
Papcastle Derventio North Cumberland Plain Cockermouth 111318
Ravenglass Glannoventa West Coast Ravenglass 087958
Rudchester Vindovala West Coast Corbridge 112676
South Shields Arbeia Hadrian's Wall South Shields 365679
Stanwix Petriana Hadrian's Wall Carlisle 401571
Throp Not known Stanegate Gilsland 632660
Troutbeck Not known Lake District Keswick 381272
Wallsend Segundunum Hadrian's Wall Wallsend 300660
Watercrook Alauna Lake District Kendal 515907
Whitley Castle Not known Trans-Pennine Alston 696487

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