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The EDGE Guide
Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. I'm using Internet Explorer and I get a pop up window saying -

"Active content can harm your computer or disclose personal information. Are you sure that you want to run active content on your computer?"

What do I do?

Q2. Nothing happens when I try to use the navigation panel on the left of the page.

What do I do?

Q3. Are the maps accurate? I could save money if I didn't have to buy the Ordnance Survey Maps.

What do I do?

Q4. I want to change my screen resolution so I can view websites properly.

What do I do?

A1. Don't be alarmed! In order for Internet Explorer users to use the guide properly they need to download a short file (it does not pose any danger to your computer or your privacy) click the yes button on the pop up.

A2. You are using Internet Explorer and have not allowed the csshover.htc file to download. IE has given you an alert that the website is trying to download a file (See Q1 above). You must download this file - it is not dangerous to your computer.

Either reload the page and allow the content or click the Information Bar below the Address Bar of your Browser and allow the download of a file called csshover.htc this will allow you to use the website as intended. There is no danger to your computer.

Reason: This guide is produced using css (Cascading Style Sheets) at the time of writing Microsoft IE does not conform to all the CSS standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium. In order to get around a problem that IE has with the left hand navigation panel on this site it is necessary to download the csshover.htc file.

If for some reason you do not want to download the file you can still navigate the guide using the site map.

A3. The maps are not to scale and should only be used as a simple guide. You will get far more enjoyment out of your visit to Cumbria if you purchase Ordnance Survey Maps for the area - see the maps page for list of relevant maps.

A4. Windows XP users: click start | control panel | display | settings then use the Screen resolution slider to reset your display.

This guide, like most websites is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 and above.