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Castles in CumbriaThe Histroic castles of Cumbria and the Lake District.Places to visit in the Lake  DistrictThe history of Cumbria. The Border Wars and  Scots raids.


Dacre Castle near Penrith.

Dacre Castle, Places to visit in Cumbria and the Lake District.

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to Dacre Castle. The three storey tower house you see today was probably built in the mid C14 after the Scots in about 1317 had so badly damaged the original, (of circa 1307 when William de Dacre was given a licence to crenelate), that it required a complete rebuild.

Dacre seems to have been abandoned for the most part of the C16 and C17, until in 1674 Thomas Lennard, Lord Dacre, made it habitable once again. His arms can be seen above the door.

The castle was bought in 1716 by Christopher Musgrave after the death of Lord Dacre, but it was then allowed to fall into disrepair.

The Hasell family of nearby Dalemain then bought the castle and used it as a farm house. Dacre's condition did not improve until 1961 when restoration was begun.

It is open to the public, but a written appointment must be made. Alternatively it is by a Public Footpath and as such is easy to view.

Map of Castles in Cumbria and the Lake District